How it Works

We will do all the calculation automatically to make it as easy as possible for you.

Step 1: Enter Your Information

Enter your information: Your state, marital status, pay period, salary, exemptions, name and address

Step 2: Choose Your Paystub Template

Choose your template from the variety of templates that we have. You can preview your paystub before ordering it. You can correct your information if you see any mistake. In case you have any questions regarding the template you can contact our team for assistance

Step 3: Print your pay stubs

Finally, you will be ready to print your pay stubs for your records. It really is that easy. Of course, one of the major benefits of our digital pay stubs is that you will always have access to your check stub. Keep the file on your computer hard drive or on the cloud and you can print another copy any time you need it

Who is paystub generator?

Who we are

At Paystub Generator, we all work every day to give you the ultimate experience and the easiest solution to manage your paystubs, your employees checkstubs and generate paystubs online with the lowest price possible. Our paystub maker solution helps you manage your stub history and your employees stub history. Our accounting experts and auditing specialists are always available for your support and assistance.

Our mission

Provide a fast, accurate and precise instant pay stub creation. We always make sure to provide the latest rates as per the IRS and the state tax rules and updates.

Customer satisfaction

Our financial team put together this paystub maker solution to guarantee a 100% satisfaction for our clients. You are the reason we are here and for that we thrive everyday to enhance every aspect of our solution to make your lives easier.

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Why choose our paystub maker?

Create your profile for one time, the software saves your information so you can use it every time. That makes our paystub generator solution process shorter, faster, hassle free with a very competitive price. In addition, managing your stub history never been easier. Your check stubs are saved in your profile so you can generate them anytime you like.

  • One time information entry with paystub dashboard management
  • Fast paystub creation
  • Accurate calculations and always up-to-date
  • Multiple professional templates
  • Amazing pricing bundles
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Paystub Templates

We provide multiple templates to cater for multiple types of businesses and printer paper sizes


We all agree that filling in yours or your employee pay stub takes most of the time to generate a checkstub.

Well we created the ultimate paystub solution for you!

Our paystub maker, unlike any other paystub maker solution available online, gives you the ability to create a profile for you or your employees with all the main information for only one time and the system will save these information. Then you can import the information from your profile or your employees profile if you have a business account, choose template and download the stub.

In addition, we save all the history of your stubs and your employees proof of income. You can access the history from your profile and re-download the bought stubs, in case they were lost or you need the same stub for multiple purposes.


We always do the best we can to meet our client expectations and exceed them whenever we can. Till now with our clients' assistance and the hard work of the team we reached this level in our paystub maker solution and we promise to keep on improving for our customers' satisfaction.

Our customers are our priority. We would like to take the chance to thank you for all these years and your loyalty. We wouldn't have been here without you your love and support.


Loved By Our Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a list of the most asked questions that we have managed to gather during the years of customer service.

What is your return policy?
We trust and stand behind our product, and so you get our 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. We do our best to correct any mistake you address or we issue you a full refund, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your pay stub. Please contact our customer support as we want only satisfied customers.
Do I have to figure out taxes and other deduction amounts?
When you make a pay stub on we make it really easy for our users. Your just need you to plug in your information in your paycheck stub generator profile - company name, employee name, address, employee ID, how much you make, and pay frequency. Then, let our online paystub generator instantly create paystubs you can download and print instantly.

In some cases, you might have additional deductions amounts which are not a standard for all our customers, we create a field where you can add those on stub creation form otherwise you can leave it blank.
Can I enter salary information instead of an hourly rate?
Definitely. You can choose between hourly rate or salary.
How can I make my payment?
We can take credit cards or debit cards to process your payments securely using SSL encryption. All major credit cards are accepted.
Is the site secure?
Absolutely, as we insure to use top level security and latest security technology available on the market. We have 128 bit encryption and the best SSL protection available in the market. We are very serious about our customers privacy.
When will I receive my pay stub?
Our pay stubs will be emailed to you and can be downloaded INSTANTLY. In addition, though your profile, you can access all the paystub history that you generated on our website. From there, you can re-download or re-send to your email as you please.
Do I need special paper to print the pay stub? Is it a real pay stub?
Special paper is not needed to print your pay stubs - but it looks cool! These are real pay stubs.
I can't open the pay stub that you emailed me, I lost my pay stub email or I had another problem with my order.
Pay stubs generated and emailed to you are PDF documents. If you can not open and print them you might need Adobe Reader software installed. It is a free download from Adobe Acrobat.
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